Welcome to Nextakeoff Academy!

The Nextakeoff Academy belongs to Nextakeoff Group and aims to become the school of reference in the world of virtual aviation counting on a wide variety of courses, trained instructors and a requirement according to the highest standards.

All our courses include a theoretical component followed by practical one where you can consolidate what you’ve learned. Throughout the course you will be examined, so that we can access your development.

Currently we offer the IVAO Private Pilot Preparation ( PPL ) which teaches you how to fly a plane in the simulator and develop the skills you need to become a virtual private pilot. Soon it will be also possible be specialized on a specific plane, like a Virtual TypeRating.

Our virtual school has a diverse fleet to be able to provide all phases of learning, where classes will be given in Shared Cockpit, enabling instant supervision of the student by the instructor, thus maximizing the learning process.

If you have any questions contact Us by email: [email protected]