Rules and Regulation

1.       Admission

1.1.        The candidate student must meet the following minimum requirements:

1.1.1.  Age greater or equal to 15 years, on the day of application in the school. Exceptions may be requested by written to administration;

1.1.2.  Be a registered member of IVAO™;

1.1.3.  Own account on Skype™;

1.1.4.  Have microphone and headphone;

1.1.5.  Have one of the following Simulators: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004™, Microsoft Flight Simulator X™ or Prepar3D®.

1.2.    The candidate must apply using the form available at:

1.3.    The candidate shall provide the first and last name, aliases are not allowed.

1.4.    The candidate shall provide a valid email account which should be consulted at least once a week.

1.5.    Before the completion of the admission process, the candidate will be submitted to an interview via Skype™ with at least one administrator and instructor in order to make an assessment of the candidate and his initial knowledge.

1.6.    If the number of students exceeds the maximum capacity, the candidate will be placed on a waiting list by order of arrival and will be contacted as soon as possible.

1.7.    We reserve the right to refuse any application if the minimum requirements are not met or if the applicant does not have the suitable profile to our values ​​and morals profile.



2.       Students

2.1.    Within 14 days after the acceptance of the student, he should make the request to a class so the registration is considered effective.

2.2.    After 1 month of inactivity the student will be notified by email and within the following 15 days he shall request a class or explain in written the reason for his absence (It will be analyzed case by case by the administration).

2.3.    The student should always maintain correct posture on IVAO™ network, social networks and "classrooms" (ex: Skype™ calls), regardless of being or not involved the name of Nextakeoff.

2.4.    The student shall not use official Nextakeoff channels(Facebook™, website and Skype™ conversations) to advertise or refer any other organization or group that isn’t a Nextakeoff Group partner.

2.5.    We reserve to the administration the right of expel the student when regulations are violated or when the student's conduct does not reflect our values ​​and principles of conduct.



3.       Instructor

3.1.    The instructor must be at least 16 years old.

3.2.    The instructor must have a grade higher than 95% in the exam of the module that will be responsible of.

3.3.    The instructor must maintain a correct posture according to the principles of Nextakeoff.

3.4.    In no circumstances an instructor may demand monetary compensation or any other kind, for services provided to Nextakeoff.

3.5.    The Instructor shall teach at least 4 classes per month, and is entitled to 3 months of vacations.

3.6.    We reserve to the administration the right to expel the instructor when regulations are violated or when his behavior does not reflect our values ​​and principles of conduct.



4.       Course and Evaluation

4.1.    All courses given by Nextakeoff are free and no compensation from students is required.

4.2.    Each course consists on theoretical and practical modules, approval is required for each one of them.

4.3.    At the end of each module a theoretical and / or practical evaluation will have place, requiring a score greater than 74.9% to be considered successfully completed.

4.4.    In case of exam failure, the student will be able to repeat it after eight days after the result is revealed, and also having to do before an analysis with his instructor or examiner.

4.5.    All practical examinations shall be made ​​with an authorized examiner and may not be the student's instructor.

4.6.    At the end of the course we encourage our students to upgrade theirIVAO™ Rating, supporting them until the completion of this examination. (In charge of the IVAO™ Training Department).


5.       Software

5.1.    All classes will be taught using Skype™ and therefore is mandatory to students and instructors having an account on it.

5.2.    Practical classes will be taught using Flight Instructor (included in MFS9) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004™ and the EVOLVE™ for Microsoft Flight Simulator X™ and the Prepar3D®.

5.3.    During practical classes the student should use the ACARS system provided by the virtual school when available.

5.4.    We advise the students to use the add-ons published in the fleet page, instead of the default included in the simulator.

5.5.    It is not permitted to use external programs to the simulator that are not mentioned in this section, including programs that simulate Autopilot, Flight Computers, GPS or other software that modifies the behavior of the aircraft.

5.6.    The Nextakeoff does not endorse or promote the use of illegal software, being the student responsible to acquire the software used in the classroom.



6.       Miscellaneous

6.1.    We reserve to the administration the right to change this regulations, whenever its considered necessary.

6.2.    All official announcements will be posted on the website: and\or emailed to the relevant persons.

6.3.    In the event of termination of Nextakeoff we do not hold any responsibility to students regardless of their progress in the course.

6.4.    All the knowledge and material provided by Nextakeoff should be used only for air simulation in virtual environment, it is not our responsibility any damage caused by improper use of them.

6.5.    All cases that are not in the regulations will be individually analyzed by the administration of Nextakeoff.

6.6.    All material provided by Nextakeoff should only be used by the student not being allowed disclosure, total or partial copy in any computerized or manual means.